Fixing Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress


27 Jan 2020

Is it precise to say that you are looking at the "Error Establishing A Database Connection" message on your WordPress site? It is a deadly Error by WordPress that makes your WordPress site difficult to reach to the clients.

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This screen comes when WordPress can't make an association with the desired database. Various things can influence your WordPress database association which makes it somewhat hard for novices to investigate.

Today’s article, will tell you the best way to effectively fix the Error establishing a database connection and associated errors in WordPress.

Root Case of Database Error:

The “Error establishing a database connection” issue can be brought about by inappropriate database info in your WordPress settings, corrupted database file, or a non-responsive database server location.

A database is a product which makes it simple to store, easy sort out, and fetch information and can be used as information in other software or web.

As a CMS framework, WordPress utilizes a database to save the content and other site information. Every time as and when the visitor hits the website the database is connected and information is fetched then displayed appropriately on the website.

WordPress requires the accompanying data for interfacing with the database:

  • Database Server Name
  • Database Name
  • User Name and Password

  • Wp-config.php a WordPress configuration file contain all the information required.

    By any chance any of these things are inaccurate, WordPress would neglect to associate with your database server, and you'll see the message “Error establishing a database connection”.

    It is one of the most well-known WordPress mistakes occur when we forget or do typo error while providing the said info. Aside from mistaken credentials, this error message can likewise show up if the asked data server is not responding, or the data files are corrupted.

    Here we will discuss and find out how to fix error establishing database connection problem with WordPress step wise.

    Check the correct credentials for WordPress Database:

    The most widely recognized issue behind database connection error in WordPress is mistaken database credential. If you have as of late moved your WordPress site to another host, at that point this could be the in all likelihood reason.

    Your WordPress database credentials are been tampered in the wp-config.php record. It is the WordPress configuration info that contains significant WordPress settings including pointers to the location of data stored.

    In the event that you have not altered wp-config.php record previously, at that point investigate our guide on the most proficient method to alter wp-config.php document in WordPress.

    When you open the wp-config.php file you will find below mentioned code –

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    Here we need to ensure the DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_HOST values are correct.

    This information can be confirmed from Dashboard of WordPress Hosting account. You can find WordPress Hosting by signing in to your website hosting account and locate database section, then click on MySQL Database.

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    When you click on MySQL database it will lead you to database management page, here you can find your user name and database name. and just below that you will find all users with password change link.

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    When you have affirmed your database name, username, and secret password, you can change that data in your wp-config.php record if necessary.

    From that point forward, have a go at visiting your site again to check whether the database association error has gone.

    If the error still persists, at that point this implies something different isn't right. Keep perusing for further steps for troubleshooting.

    Check for Information about your Database Hosting:

    In the event that you are certain that your database name, username, and secret password data is right, at that point you might need to ensure that you are utilizing the right database have data.

    Most WordPress facilitating organizations use localhost as your database have. However, some WordPress facilitating organizations utilize separate servers to have databases. All things considered, your database hosting info won't be localhost.

    You have to contact your WordPress facilitating organization to affirm your database hosting info.

    Here if the error message changes on wp-admin for example “one or more database tables are unavailable”, in this case the database need repair. The Database repair process is as follows

    Open the wp-config.php file and locate the line where it says “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging” just before this line, Add the following code line

    define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

    Save and close the wp-config.php file and then open the following page on the browser.

    wp support

    Ask for WordPress Help

    In the case of everything else comes up short, at that point you may need to contact your WordPress Support. However, there is nothing to worry about these errors as our WordPress support team is always with you. You can dial our 24x7 WordPress Support Phone Number to contact us. Our WordPress support phone number is available round the clock.

    To get WordPress support services in just a phone call, call our WordPress toll free phone number. Feel free to speak with our experts and find answers that you need. Our WordPress Customer Services will guarantee your satisfaction. So you will realize we can be trusted.

    We trust this article helped you fix the Error establishing a database connection in WordPress. You may likewise need to see our WordPress troubleshooting guide for tips on settling WordPress issues individually.


    The above article gives a point by point portrayal of WordPress support and maintenance the need to have an upkeep plan. Thus, in case that you have a site that has been created in WordPress, the previously mentioned focuses will be extremely valuable for you. Following all the WordPress Support steps will empower you to keep your site working effectively and easily for a long time.


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