10 Feb 2020

In the event that your WordPress site neglects to load over a protected connection because of an error, for example, ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR then you're at the ideal place. Here we will clarify what this sort of error means and walk you through the counter steps expected to fix it to recover your site!

This error can occur due to different issues with your site server or your neighborhood PC, or even a mix of both. It's regularly experienced in Chrome, however it can fluctuate dependent on the browser usage.

Secure Connection!! – What it means?

Before we talk about “Website loading on a Secure Connection”, a little foundation related to it might be useful.

You may have seen that site addresses regularly start with HTTP or HTTPS. These are called conventional protocols which are essentially a lot of rules for deciding how site pages are transmitted from the server (where your site is situated) to the desired web browser. HTTPS is considered as safe protocol dependent on HTTP and is generally utilized as it has various huge favorable circumstances including improved SEO and an elevated level of security.

A drawback to utilizing HTTPS is that there are severe standards set up that should be clung to before a protected page can be shown. This implies more can possibly turn out badly contrasted with non-secure HTTP protocol connection.

One of the prerequisites expected to make a site work with a HTTPS protocol connection is, you should have a substantial SSL authentication implemented and aligned accurately.

At the point when your SSL certificate is working appropriately then a lock symbol is shown beside the site address in the web browser. In the event that you click on the latch a popup window shows an affirmation notification that the site is loaded over a protected connection and any data sent to the server from your site (for example structures and forms) will likewise be transferred safely.


Work through the solutions in the following sections one-by-one until your secure connection error is fixed. Let’s look into the solution steps mentioned below, these steps will guide you the fix for Secure Connection Error.

Clear SSL State

The primary step to attempt is clearing the SSL state in browser. Every web browser stores SSL certificates in a reserve called cache to accelerate consequent connections once an underlying secure connection has been made to a site.

This is to minimize page load times, every http invite would require the SSL certificate to be copied and verified which will not be extraordinary for execution.

Once the DNS settings have engendered and the site is gotten to in the web browser a protected connection, the error may occur once in a while because of an obsolete version of the SSL certificate stored in the web-browser cache.

Now here we fix this situation by clearing the SSL state storage. When done restart your web-browser and refresh the website to load.

Verify SSL Certificate

An equivalent issue happens when a SSL certificate is produced however the DNS settings haven't completely engendered at this point. Right now, SSL certificate will not be aligned with the domain.
This kind of error can happen locally, or towards the server side, thus a few steps center around your local PC/web-browser settings, while rest of the steps consider issues identified with the server management and how the SSL certificate is configured.

Check the System Time and Date

As per the previous steps the SSL certificate is legitimate and after clearing SSL state; still error persists, at that point it's your PC is most likely the point of focus for the error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

To begin with, check whether the Operating system (Windows 10) time and date are set accurately in any case your SSL certificate may have issues being validated. This is on the grounds that SSL certificate have a fixed expiry date and, in case your OS time and date aren't right, at that point it might struggle with the verification procedure. A legitimate time and date is constantly expected when a secure connection is made, which is the reason it's critical to ensure the right worth is recovered from your local computer.

In the Find or search box type "time" and select Change the date and time from the dropdown alternatives. At that point, in the Date and time settings window check the time and date are right before proceeding.

Web-Browsers Update to Latest Version

Finally on the web-browser the only step remains is to reset/refresh settings and update the browser to latest version.

When the web-browser is of older version then the probability of getting error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is most likely to be higher.

Updated or latest version of web-browser always carry comprehensive security features and comes with bugs fixed. To ensure the web-browser is always updated to latest version is considered as best practice to follow.

Update Your Operating System

Now since we are exhausted from the Browser troubleshooting for error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR and the problem still persists. The next move is to update the Operating System (windows 10)

Avoiding windows updates may result in such errors on internet hence it is always recommended to ensure windows operating system updated to the latest updates as there can be some critical updates for web-browser libraries.

You need to make sure the automatics updates should be turned on for windows 10, once it is turned on then you are worry free. It is utmost important to keep a check on regular basis if any update is available because at times all windows updates do not get installed automatically.

If Everything Else Fails then Contact WordPress Helpline.

If you still can’t find what’s causing the issue then it’s time to let us know. We’re here to help as always!

Now since all the options are exhausted and still you are not able to figure out the root cause of the issue then it’s time to get in touch with us. Our WordPress Customer Service team are here to help you anytime.

We will take a closer look into the issue and eliminate the root cause. Dial WordPress Helpline now to discuss the problem with our WordPress help expert and they will leave no stone unturned to resolve your issue. Our WordPress expert developers are available 24X7 to cater your request so that you feel free to focus on your business.


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