You Need Help? Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

LojiQ Maintenance & Support Timings are 9:00 – 18:00 EST, Monday - Friday. Support tickets created in off hours will be instantly attended within regular support timings. However, 24/7 Support will be assigned with Platinum Service Agreement - Contact Us for more information.

2. What are the pre-requisites for setting up Support on our Website?

After you have chosen and obtained your Maintenance Plan, you can round out a Customer Registration Form so we can gather a few insights concerning your site. This encourages us interface with your site so as to introduce our comprehensive services and features offered (i.e., security checking, Plugins, Themes and Backups). Our team keeps these identification information private and will never impart these details to anybody not related with LojiQ.

3. Does LojiQ offer support to WordPress Multisite?

We do offer support for WordPress Multisite on Multi-network. Because of the diverse use cases, database building and theme and plugin, we will ask data from you about your current system so our is as conceivable from the very beginning with respect to configurations that might be exclusive to your network system.

4. If the website is hacked, what can LojiQ do?

LojiQ constantly screens and monitors client websites using progressing security filters by our accomplice, Avast Online Security. Normal issues are likewise physically checked at relevant points. Sadly, even with proactive observing, nobody can get each security issue. In the occasion a security issue occurs, we will react promptly inside business hours. Legitimate security concerns are of the most elevated need over any development work, nation-wide.
In case your website is hacked, we do offer One-Time Hacked Site Cleanup & Repair service available for $99.

5. What is the procedure to contact support team?

We do all that we can to make it as simple as workable for you to connect with us for help. The totality of our help customers have a LojiQ Dashboard Widget introduced, for our existing customer, login to WordPress site and visit to the LojiQ tab on WordPress Dashboard. From that point, you can tap the help and support ticket button for help. You can likewise send an immediate email to us, whenever, to:

6. LojiQ helps in setting up my SSL certificate?

That’s true, and there are two sections to the procedure. To start with, you have to buy a SSL certificate and have it implemented on your site. When that is done, your site should be designed to utilize it. We can help you through the two sections of the procedure. Get in touch with Us to begin.

7.How LojiQ Web support works?

LojiQ Support is provided on help tickets created in the place of telephone calls. We endeavor to ensure all correspondence is archived and very clear; we've discovered that this makes it simpler for our whole team to recognize what's new with your site.
These help tickets can be submitted through your WordPress dashboard utilizing our LojiQ Dashboard Widget (introduced on all current customer websites); this is the most significant approach to validate your help ticket. You can likewise email whenever from the email address related with your account.

8. Will there be an extra cost to fix, if my website goes down due to an update?

The site is instantly moved back to the backup state taken preceding playing out the update. The techniques for this change now and again (due principally to e-commerce functionalities). From that point, you'll be advised of the issue.
Most of issues are tended to free from cost, nonetheless, issues due to clients intervention, custom plugin issues, or especially tedious issues might be billable. LojiQ will advise you before charging anything to your record.

9. Is the Restore is backward compatible to earlier versions?

Given that the backup is accessible, yes. While we're glad to re-establish a website at no charge for any client, proceeded with use of this component may devour month to month development time (depends on accessibility in your account), and additionally bring about extra expenses. LojiQ will advise you preceding charging to your account.

10. Is the Support Plan transferable to another website?

Sadly, no. It's just obvious, each WordPress site needs a different help plan with an exclusive Service license key.
Every service license key is related with one site. In case you wish to move support starting with one site onto the next, our team will request that you drop your present Service Plan and continue through the original setup process again.

11. How do LojiQ team deal with obsolete or non-supported plugins?

The plugin is still observed, by us, for issues as in the past. In case no issues are exhibited, it stays on the site. LojiQ every now and again experiences plugins with assorted of issues; in such cases, the client is informed of better (and updated) options.

12. Do You Support E-Commerce Sites?

Yes, we do support All possible WordPress Platforms on e-commerce, Our experts are specialized in Woo-Commerce, most likely major WordPress users are using.

13. WHAT is this "MINOR TWEAK?"

Website modifications and tweaks may include:

14. What is REPUTATION MONITORING and how it works?

Our accolade software will screen the reviews you jump on up to 10 business reference sites (for example Foursquare, Yelp!, and so forth). At the point when your business is appraised on, you get the acknowledgement.
At last, you're not getting garbage despite your good faith. You get the chance to react in a manner that can kill the impact of the negative criticism. Need assistance making the ideal answer? This is an extraordinary resource.

15. Do you offer custom development?

LojiQ offers custom development as an enhancement to our progressing care plans. In case you have a bigger planned project requiring custom coding and is outside the extent of our consideration plans, we're glad to do it as an expansion to our continuous support of your site.
LojiQ Custom development will be $85/hr. You will provide the detailing’s of the project to our WordPress specialized experts and we will give you an exact gauge of the timeline it takes. We will begin working just once you give us the green light to push forward.


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